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Product FAQs 💄

All of our burning questions about our amazing products are answered here.

Can I use Sculpted By Aimee products during pregnancy?

All of our products are created with gentle ingredients; however we would advise that you to check with your doctor if you suffer with sensitive skin or have any ongoing medical conditions. Our makeup products would be deemed as safe to use during pr

Where can I buy a Gift Card?

We have e-Gift Cards that can be purchased 24/7 at the following links:. EU - e-Gift Card - EURO. UK - e-Gift Card GBP. Gift Cards purchased in Euro can be redeemed on or in Sculpted by Aimee stores located in the Republic of

Is Sculpted By Aimee Cruelty Free?

Yes, Sculpted By Aimee is proud to be 100% cruelty free and paraben free. We are working towards becoming 100% vegan along with addressing recyclable packaging alternatives too.

Are your skin products mineral?

Yes, our Second Skin, Brighten Up, Complete Cover-Up, Tint & Glow are all mineral base which means they won't clog the pores and work brilliantly on sensitive or problematic skin.

If your products contain SPF does that mean there will be flashback?

No, our products have been tested specifically to ensure no flashback. Flashback isn’t an automatic thing with SPF in products it can depend on the type and our range, especially with Aimee beginning as a makeup artist has been designed to wear for a

What does a primer do?

A primer is a base that you apply before makeup that keeps the makeup on for longer and helps to give it a nicer finish by prepping the skin for makeup.

Does Beauty Base , Tint & Glow & Second Skin have broad spectrum SPF?

Yes, all three products contain a mineral broad spectrum protection of SPF30 for Beauty Base & Tint & Glow and SPF50 for Second Skin meaning that it protects you against UVA & UVB

Whats the difference between Second Skin Dewy & Matte?

Second Skin is our medium coverage but buildable foundation. The two different finishes are lightweight, offer coverage but feel so light on the skin at the same time. Dewy gives a more obvious luminous finish to the skin whereas our Matte is an oil