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Can teenagers use any of the systems?

DuoCleanse is formulated primarily for adult skin, however, the Gentle Cleanser can be used for teens who want to gently cleanse their skin. Our Exfoliating, Clarifying and Brightening Cleansers contain actives that are not often necessary for the ma

Which DuoCleanse is right for me?

Choosing the right DuoCleanse depends on both your skin goals, and your skin type. Cleanse & Brighten is the system for you if you have normal to oily skin, and you’d like to add brightness and luminosity. It also works really well for those who are

Can I apply retinol after using DuoCleanse?

This depends on the DuoCleanse system you are using. Please see information on each DuoCleanse below:. Cleanse & Brighten. You can use DuoCleanse, Cleanse & Brighten together with retinol. If you are looking to incorporate DuoCleanse and retinol into

If I’m on Roaccutane can I use any or all of the cleansers?

While using Roaccutane or any other medication, we advise sharing the ingredient list with your medical practitioner so they can advise you on which cleansing system and products that would suit your skin best, as the dosage and skin sensitivity can

I have oily skin, will Exfoliating Cleanser work for me?

Yes! Oily skin is more susceptible to blemishes and spots because the oil causes the skin to shed more slowly than other skin types. The “trapped” dead skin exacerbates the oiliness as it absorbs sebum which is the oily secretion of sebaceous glands.

I have an oily T-zone that’s prone to breakouts but the rest of my face is dry. Which DuoCleanse is best?

For oily skin that is prone to breakouts, Cleanse & Clarify would be the best system for you. The Gentle Cleanser will effectively remove makeup, sunscreen, dirt and oil while adding hydration and nourishment. The 2% Salicylic Acid in the Clarifying

I have dry skin, which system is best for me?

Cleanse & Exfoliate is the best system for those with dry skin. Exfoliating Cleanser works to remove the dead skin cells that can cause dryness. As pores are unclogged and the surface of the skin is smoothed, your other hydrating skincare products ca