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Can I travel with DuoCleanse?

Yes, you can. If bringing DuoCleanse through security, you will need to separate the system so that Step 1 and Step 2 are individuals in your plastic bag as they are 100ml each. If not separated the system would be 200ml which would not be accepted t

Are the exfoliating beads in the Cleanse & Exfoliate system environmentally friendly?

The formula is environmentally friendly and proudly micro-plastic-free. Granules are naturally formed from jojoba esters in the formula which dissolve in use. Sculpted is committed to steps towards sustainability and worked to ensure there was a plan

Is DuoCleanse gluten-free?

Yes these products are gluten-free, there has not been any gluten added to the formulation or in the ingredient list. If you are allergic to topical gluten application (when applied to the skin), please note we cannot guarantee that they were made in

Can I use Brightening Cleanser & Exfoliate on the same night?

Yes you can, depending on your skin type. However, we would advise only weekly for more intensive cleaning.

Can I use Exfoliating Cleanser & Clarify on the same night?

Both the Exfoliating Cleanser and the Clarifying Cleanser are active formulas. While it’s possible to use both on the same night, depending on your skin type, we recommend using these two systems on alternating nights to avoid any skin sensitivity. I

Can I use Brighten in the morning and Clarify in the evening?

Yes, you can customise your cleanse! By using our Cleanse and Brighten system in the morning, you can get all the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C. At night, use Cleanse & Clarify to prevent breakouts and reduce congestion, followed by a nourishing

Can I use Brightening Cleanser & Clarify on the same night?

Yes you can, depending on your skin type. However, we would advise only a once-weekly occurrence for more intensive cleaning. Afterwards, make sure you apply a SPF moisturiser for the day, or a rich night cream for the night.

Is the Gentle Cleanser oil or water-based?

The Gentle Cleanser is water-based. We designed Gentle Cleanser with nourishing and hydrating ingredients that work to effectively remove both makeup on the face and eyes. It also helps to repair the skin barrier and leaves skin feeling moisturised a